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5 Easy Steps to Build an eCommerce Website

Commencing an eCommerce business is hard work. To be successful in this field, you must continually keep on evaluating your site, your profits and your sales. Before you start building your eCommerce website, you need to consider how you will focus on selling your products.

Steps for Web development of an eCommerce Website

1. Choosing a domain name and hosting: 

Choose a domain name with the important product keyword. This will help you with online advertising through banners/text links. If you want eCommerce Web Development, you should find a unique name that people will remember always after reading it in online as well as offline marketing campaigns. Consider the spelling of your domain name and how it feels when you name out your domain name too loud. In the beginning, a big hosting account/ web server is not required, you can use shared web hosting.

2. External shopping cart or complete webshop?: 

If you are planning on selling less than 10 products, you can consider using a regular website with some advanced links to an external shopping cart application. While this is much easier to set up, remember that people who leave your site and come back later will be returning to an empty shopping cart which can lead to loss of sales. For a larger and more dynamic product catalogue, you need full-featured Web development solutions for your eCommerce site.

3. Online Payments: 

For an online business portal to be successful, it is important that you offer them with the right payment methods. Think about your options carefully as some options like wire transfers are though customer friendly but are very time exhaustive. If you have high margins, you can keep credit card payment. Also, check with bank what offers and services they are offering for your business account.

4. Styling your eCommerce website: 

By using any of the free shopping cart applications, you will be able to invest in a professionally-designed template. If you choose a shopping cart template, it will be much easier for you to customize your online shop. The quickest and economical solution of finding a unique design for your webshop is to start with one of the available pre-designed templates. If you already have a web portal you can add some of the pre-made templates to it.

5. After the first year: 

After the first year of the setting up of the eCommerce website, review your sales to determine if there are any hidden gems or leeches, whether you are number one or two best-selling items are costing you money or are making you money. Also, review your payment options and shopping cart and see to it if you have any better plans available. Further, plan on expanding the product line. Always think about your future business plans when considering making modifications to your shopping cart application. Don’t modify or change any feature after eCommerce Web Development is done, just because you don’t like it.

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  1. Thanks for this. It really helped a lot. After reading your tips I tried executing some of them and guess what It really worked. It really helped us in our digital marketing strategy I really appreciate your effort for sharing these tips. Thanks again.

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