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5 Website Designing Techniques that harm Website and Seo Valuation

Website Designing is both arts as well as science. It needs an artistic visualization and endeavor from the perspective of a user and then requires great technical skills for converting the visualized design into creativity. The worst thing any website designing company can do is copy the website of another company and implement it as their own. This doesn’t suffice all the basic requirements of the user experience. Such websites are copied and qualified as low ranks in the SEO valuations. This results in poor traffic as well as low ranking in the search engine ranking. There are certain website designing techniques must avoid by website designing company as they can harm the website design, or even diminish the SEO valuation.

Website Designing Techniques must avoid as follows:

1. Infinite Scrolling:

Although scrolling is one of the most popular web design technique used frequently in Website design services India. Using this should depend on the goals of your website. If the goal of the website is streaming content constantly then the content structure should be flat but, if the website’s goal is assisting users for locating a specific task or comparing choices, then it can hurt the experience of the user.

2. Using Tables in the Website Layout:

Using tables in the web page layout can make the page very complicated, as most of the layout tables tend to use a lot of table attributes like nested tables, rowspan, and colspan. Though designing tables is easy, but maintaining them can be tough. It’ difficult for most screen readers to understand tables. Tables can obstruct the flexibility of the page and in a way affect the SEO.

3.Parallax Scrolling:

Parallax scrolling is used widely and is a function can lead you to fetch a loyal visitor, there are many issues which are associated with it too. Parallax scrolling leads to low valuation in SEO rankings. If the parallax website is for a single page of images, content, and good visual display then its fine.

4. Lazy Loading:

Lazy loading won’t allow loading of content or images until the user interacts with that part of the page. Spiders won’t index these content. It is not able to load rest of the page which leads to low SEO valuations.

5.Lack of Mobile Configured Design:

With the high infiltration of mobile, it is essential for a company to have its own website which is mobile friendly with an approachable and pretty adaptive design. This is a direct bearer of traffic. A responsive website mobile design allows you to load the website on all types of devices. Device detection can be possible through adaptive designs, which allow progressive improvements according to the user requirements. But configuring to all the available mobile devices can be a challenge.

Keep the above-mentioned techniques in your mind and try avoiding them. Varsharthi is Website designing company that takes into all of this and much more and delivers you with best web design.

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