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Five Crazy Predictions for SEO in 2018

.As much as the competition is increasing, the demand for SEO is also increasing because SEO is a technique to make you visible on the search engines and to stand on the top of search engine results. Therefore, SEO is the most demanding technology nowadays and so lots of new techniques and changes keep on taking place in SEO. Lots of new predictions make about SEO every year to enhance the features of SEO. 2016 had been an intense year for, particularly SEO and Google. It is a true fact the future can never predict if we are not aware of what happened in the past. This year too, there are many new predictions for SEO Services that every SEO specialist must know so as to apply new methods.

Some of the New Predictions for SEO that we may get to see in 2017

1. The biggest ranking shift for the first time in the history of Google: 

Whether it is an old school classic like Caffeine and Florida or it is a modern algorithmic update like Hummingbird, Panda, etc. The first most prediction of this year is that there will be the biggest ranking shift in the history of Google. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the great height in the year 2016, and it is expecting machine learning is going to reach great heights in 2018 as well. There is a unicorn detector built in with Google it automatically rewards the pages click by people with better positions.

2. Moving to the mobile world only: 

Google is moving steadily to the mobile world only, i.e. mobile-first indexing seems to be the predictable consequence of this year. It is dedicating to change a mindset from desktop to mobile.

3. DuckDuckGo is going to be a quick search engine in 2018: 

It is expecting DuckDuckGo will be going to be a faster search engine in 2018 because a great growth has been found in just one year. DuckDuckGo noticed around 8,606, 321 searches on January 2nd, 2017, whereas 11,183,864 searches on January 2nd, 2018. This 30% growth in one year is a remarkable growth.

4. Nothing will be noticing: 

RankBrain is much better than the updates such as Penguin or Panda, where around 90 percent of the organic traffic vanished immediately over the night. But in the case of Rank-Brain, the shift in rankings take place every day and bit by bit, not like all other updates.

5. SEO will be more valuable: 

Although it predicts all the older and previous SEO services techniques are going to die soon, it does not mean that SEO will die. SEO will be more valuable in this year with some new techniques and methods.

All the above-discussion are the predictions by SEO services experts for the year 2018. It is expecting the SEO services may face various tremendous change which will make it more valuable than before. If you are wishing to avail up-to-date SEO services, then you may get it done by SEO experts at Varsharthi at affordable prices.

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